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Review of Stellar Photo Recovery Software

Updated: Dec 30, 2021


As we all know how important data is to us, do we ensure data is safeguarded? Data backup is essential and crucial for all organizations and individuals alike. How many of us take regular backup of data? We have moved towards #digital storage, we save all our important documents on SD card, Memory card or hard drive.

At times when we are using these #storage media devices, we can accidentally damage/deleted data or somehow files are corrupted. Luckily with tools you can recover data from such type of data loss situation.

Presenting Stellar Photo Recovery software.

Software interface is sleek and intuitive.

"This software goes deeper than any other data recovery software in an effort to find the files you’ve lost. You would think that this dedication to finding lost files would make this software more difficult to use, but that’s not the case with Stella Photo Recovery. It’s refreshingly easy to use because the program does all of the work for you. All you have to do is point and click. You couldn’t ask for more in your choice data recovery program."

Let's first have some understanding of different recovery options this software has to offer.

Recovers deleted photo, video and audio files from emptied Recycle Bin and devices such as DSLR cameras, hard drives, Smartphones, SSDs, digital cameras, memory cards, CF cards, CD/DVDs, etc. Supports recovery of RAW file formats of cameras.


Recovers from formatted memory cards, hard drives, pen drives, and other devices. Performs Deep Scan to recover every bit of lost or deleted photos & videos—a feature especially helpful in case of severely corrupt volume and storage media.


Recovers photo, video and audio files from drive that has bad sectors. Allows you to create image of drive so that you can recover data from the image, in case the drive gets corrupt. Also works smoothly with high storage capacity media of up to 6 TB capacity.


Recovers photo, video, and audio files from corrupted SD cards, memory cards, hard drives, CF cards, etc. The software supports media cards of all the renowned camera brands including Sony®, Nikon®, Canon®, Samsung®, Kodak®, Epson®, Olympus®, Panasonic®,, and so on. Also, supports drone cameras.


Here we have complete review of Stellar Photo Recovery Premium, which offers not only photo recovery but it repairs the corrupt photos.

Buying this software is just a click away, download Stellar Photo Recovery Premium and complete the registration here to buy key for activating your software copy to full version.

Installation: 4/5

Installation is also very intuitive, you have to execute the software file and then install, it just took few seconds for me to install the software. Overall this experience was positive from installation to recovery of deleted image files.

Speed: 5/5

There are two kinds for scanning storage media:

1) Quick scan

2) Deep scan

Quick scan took not more than 30 sec to scan my 64 GB SDHC card from #SanDisk. However for deep scan took approximately 1 hour to scan all files.

Time does not matters, if you are able to recover the media files.

Compatibility: 5/5

Software could easily recover below extension files,





Capability: 5/5

I have formatted my memory card more than 2 times and it is still capable to recover deleted files.

Efficiency: 5/5

Tool is very efficient in #recovery and restored file size will be same as original file which was deleted where it also preview the image before even starting restore of file.

Cost: 5/5

The cost of Stellar Photo Recovery Professional is INR 3,299, which is inexpensive when check other image recovery software’s. If you are getting your data back, then this cost is minimal.

The good thing with this software is you can contact data recovery support service for 24x6.


The software can recover deleted media files from virtually any kind of storage media including— hard drives, SD cards, pen drives, SSDs and more on Windows and macOS systems. It supports recovery from leading #camera brands such as Nikon, Canon, Sony, etc.

The software is best suited for cases of photo and video file loss due to accidental deletion, memory card formatting, severe corruption of file or storage media, etc.

Software Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Stars

"Could easily give all 5 Stars if Software could give more control on 'Phase-1' of initial scanning to abort for allowing stopping the process if one needs to close the application when time constraints."

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Author: Sumit Dhuper

You could follow author work on Facebook and Instagram with page handle @sumitphotoworld

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