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Hi There!

I'm Sumit Dhuper a professional commercial and lifestyle photographer based in Pune, India.
Being from IT background was not easy but this is the life way forward to being in list of established photographer.
Active in photography since March 2017.

Being a photographer, taste of composition and creative vision is only source of motivation to do more.
Still life photography gives more liberty and control all aspects which could be on top of my favorite list.
I believe all genres are connecting to each other by some means and control on one surely help in other when demands.

All works are being published with brand name SPW (Sumit Photo World)
Recently launched my portfolio website

Also conducting Photography workshops under SPW Expedition my owned venture.
I have all time collection for my work on the social media platforms.

I am also 1x Awarded Photographer.

It feels more alive when I do photography and it makes me a different personality which is positive.

Good picture always created with feelings/emotions which travel into hearts through viewer eyes.

I let the client speak first and try guage the need for assignment before any commitment.

Getting some credit from reputed international forums and critics. 
This is long journey and I am preparing myself to be presented at top level.

Some tips for new photographers,
LANDSCAPE PHOTOGRAPHY TIPS > Get low on knees to have better perspective frame.
PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY TIPS > Capture emotions and expression add life to portrait.
PHOTO COMPOSITION TIPS > Start with basics and Keep it simple. Less is More!
BEGINNER PHOTOGRAPHY TIPS > Keep study about your genres topic and take as many shots as you can.
PHOTO POST PROCESSING TIPS > Do lens profile correction and Crop it first to frame it well before any touch-up.
GET STARTED WITH CAMERAS AND GEAR > Being Nikon user, I advise to start with D3400 for entry level camera.

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