Junior Photographer Workshop

Know why your child need this Photography Workshop?

An early exposure to a varied array of skills and experiences can be crucial in your child’s quest for their life’s journey. At the very brief, a new skill can develop into an interest which could shape into hobby, engaging your child’s interest, stimulating their cognition, raising their creativity and even flagstone the way for a future of passion and creativity.

Hence we bring to you the Junior Photographer Workshop for children in the age group of 7 to 16, specially designed for growing minds.

What your child will get from this Workshop?

Starting with the basics of digital photography and camera handling, this Workshop will go beyond technicalities to develop their sense for pre-visualisation. It will train your child’s creative eye to see beauty in the elements around us, and prepare them with the control of self-expression.

Gift your child this Workshop, so they may paint their way with light to a picturesque future.

After this Workshop, your child can:

  • Choose appropriate tools for your genre of photography.

  • Use camera settings in any situation.

  • Get sharp pictures in virtually any kind of light.

  • Make technically sound and aesthetically pleasing images.

  • Use different techniques to achieve unusual and striking results.

  • Get the best out of your camera!

Dec 27, 2020, 10:00 AM GMT+5:30
SPW Online Workshop

Frequently asked questions

Who could attend this workshop?

This Workshop is for anybody between the age of 7 to 16 and want to learn photography.

My child is not in the mentioned age group. Can you make an exception?

The age group of the audience has been chosen bearing in mind the Workshop content and style of delivery. However, if your child is outside the age group and you’re yet interested in admitting him/her, please call to discuss.

If child not having interest in photography, is it a good idea for him/her to attend?

This Workshop assumes no prior experience in or knowledge of photography. If your child has no interest in photography, through this fascinating Workshop, we’ll hope to develop an interest in him/her, so it’s certainly a good idea to enroll him/her.

What are the requisites for Online Workshop?

  • Make sure update zoom software and be online with laptop 10 minutes before scheduled time.

  • Be ready with your Digital Camera (DSLR) to check camera settings.

  • Gets your Laptop Battery fully charged and zoom software updated.

  • Video/Camera sharing by members not allowed for better session.

What are the requisites for Outdoor Workshop?

Bringing a camera is strongly recommended, since we’ll have practical exercises for all the discussed topics. This camera can be either a digital SLR or a point-and-shoot camera with manual controls. Please contact us if you’re not sure if your camera is suitable. You may also hire a camera on rent if you don’t have one. If your child has prior photography experience, they may bring, on a portable storage device or on a mobile for for review on some pictures they have taken.

How could I register for the Workshop?

You can register for the Workshop by filling out the registration form below, or calling us on +91-9729.433.477, or emailing us at info@sumitphotoworld.com.

How do I pay for the Workshop fee?

We have multiple payment options including online transfer, from which you may choose one as per your convenience. Details will be shared when we receive your enquiry for payment options.


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