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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Protection Information

SPW protecting their members in response to concerns regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Live online classes

We have been delivering live online classes since April 2020 and also making live online classes available at our YouTube Channel. We have expanded the number of live online courses available to keep class sizes small. You can attend an online class now and return for an in-person class at a future date at no additional cost.

If you have questions about available classes, call us at +91-9729-433-477, use the contact form or use the chat option during business hours.

Reschedule or Attend Online

If you register for a class now and need to move the date at any time, we will assist you with this at no cost. If you previously registered and need to reschedule, you can move to an online class or postpone training for a future date.

Limited batch sizes for in-person workshops

Once in-person workshops resume, all course are being limited to 40% of workshop capacity, leaving 60% of seats empty to maintain social distancing. Most in-person workshop/course will not exceed 4 students in a workshop. Face masks are compulsory for participants in our in-person courses, and participants will be asked to complete a pre-class questionnaire.

Additional Cleaning

During in-person workshop/course we will advise participants to wear mask and bring their own water bottle/food/sanitizer liquid and wash their hands before start of workshop.

Keeping Healthy

We are following guidance from the WHO. Learn more how to protect yourself against the virus from the World Health Organization: